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How I fixed my MacBook Air charger for ₹ 1150

After using the MacBook Air & charger for ~3 years, the charger pin started giving problems. Two charging pinpoints were burnt due to heating while charging the laptop. I had to adjust the pin multiple times to charge my MacBook. After a few days, it completely stopped working. Six years ago I was using MacBook […]


How to improve customer satisfaction?

The quick answer is to go ahead and ask your customer. Yes, no one else but your customer can only explain what are their pain points, which are the tedious processes consuming most of their time & energy! Well, exactly those are the areas where one can think and provide appropriate solutions which will give […]


Is Matt trending or only I feel so?

Well, there is no reason why the name Matt shouldn’t be trending. He is the founder and part of Automattic. A big name in the WordPress ecosystem. Recently acquired Tumblr. Received funding from Salesforce. Always in the news because of the new Gutenberg editor! But lately, I have been observing some of WordPress service providers […]

Segmentation fault – Laravel Valet and WP CLI

Recently I installed Laravel valet 2.3.3 and setup WordPress. While running wp cli commands, I faced “Segmentation fault” errors. I googled for the keyword but was not getting any helpful result. What I googled was: WP CLI segmentation fault error WordPress WP CLI segmentation fault error while running wp import command Then I thought this […]