Slack mark message as unread

I’m personally very much used to marking emails as unread which are to be actioned later. This way I can prioritize the replies and I can make sure that I don’t miss any email. Since I started using Slack, I was missing this feature in Slack. Imagine:

  1. A scenario where you were on leave for a couple of days and when you join you see a lot of those red bubbles indicating unread messages OR
  2. A scenario where you were away from the keyboard for few hours (maybe for lunch or for some important meeting) and when you get back you see a lot of those red bubbles of unread messages.

When you start checking one by one you find that you need to prioritize the replies. But once you read any message, you don’t see that red bubble anymore. When you get 100s of messages from different people/channels how would you recall where the reply is pending?

Well, I faced the same problem and I started searching. I found that I can simply mark a message as unread just by “Alt+Clicking” on the message timestamp. Wow! It became so easy to prioritize slack replies too, isn’t it?

If you come across any such useful trick then do share 🙂

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